What the Colors You Choose Say About Your Website

Colors can evoke emotions and associations when we experience them. Not only that, they can change the way we think. Studies have shown that red increases our ability to concentrate and blue can increase creativity. Colors have power. What does your website communicate with color? Cool colors like blue and green often have a calming […]

Search-Friendly Images, Google, and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Google is kinda like the all-knowing, all-seeing Wizard of Oz. We trust Google to have all the answers and solutions about everything. We expect Google to direct tons of relevant traffic to our websites. Though sometimes Google is not as all-powerful and all-seeing as we might assume. Like the old man behind the curtain, Google […]

EXTRA! EXTRA! The Real Secret to Writing Irresistible Blog Titles Revealed

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Writing a great headline is an art. It takes practice. But you know one when you see one–because you’ve already clicked on it. You’re already reading it because the title drew you in so fast, you hardly knew what your click-finger was up to and then *BAM*: you’re reading an article […]

5 Ways to Use Social Media to Grow Your Website Audience

By now, you’ve probably heard marketers and mavens from across the land proclaiming things like:

A social media profile is not a website! Your website should be the hub of all your marketing efforts! Don’t let a social media company control how your brand is experienced! Social media is the ocean and your website is […]

Don’t Let Them Bounce! 5 Things You Can Do to Keep People Engaged on Your Site

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I recently took my daughter on a trip to Seaside beach here in Oregon. As 5 year olds do, she randomly became ravaged with hunger as we were walking down to the beach. We walked back up to the street and went in the first sandwich shop we could find. […]

Boost Your Search Ranking with Like Buttons

Search engines are getting smarter. More than that, they are getting social. A key indicator for how well a web page is ranked in Google or Bing is how many times people have “liked,” “tweeted,” or “+1’d” a given page. Google and Bing both admitted to using social indicators back in 2010 to improve the […]

Why Flash and Animated Websites Can Be Bad for Business

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I love special effects, video games, and Sci-Fi movies. But I can’t stand a slow-loading animated website when I’m trying to accomplish a purpose. If I’m trying to get some information or buy a product, I want the shortest distance between my mouse and my goal. This is why […]

How to Choose a Color Scheme For Your Website

As any designer will confirm, color is one of the most important aspects of design. Color has an almost subliminal effect on people, and can set moods, imply emotions, and influence how people react to your brand.

Being consistent in your color choices can be the difference between a professional and a ‘not-so-professional’ website. If […]

4 Powerful Ways to Use Video on Your Music Website

Guest Post by Bob Baker, www.TheBuzzFactor.com

In case you didn’t know, online video consumption is huge. According to Nielsen, more than 10 billion videos were streamed in the U.S. alone during one recent month. That should come as no surprise, since video is a more engaging way for consumers to enjoy entertainment and […]