Google Analytics for Musicians: 6 Killer Tips

Ever wonder where your fans live?  Want to know which social media sites send the most people to your website?  Would you like to be able to see all the articles and posts online that link back to your band website? What about tracking your marketing successes and failures over time in order […]

Your headlines are annoying. Here’s how to make them better.

Write better headlines that work for search as well as social

If you want to build your web presence online, you better get good at getting people’s attention. It’s a free-for-all out there, and crafting a smart headline is one of the best ways to get likes, shares, and better search rankings. Online publications like […]

Grow Your Email List by Offering Incentives

When someone signs up to your email list, they do it because they expect something in return. This is important to remember. If you’re having trouble growing your email list (online or off) you need to make sure that you’re providing enough value to properly motivate potential fans to take the leap.

Yes, your newsletter […]

Use Custom Fonts to Personalize your Website

One of the most commonly under-appreciated elements of websites is font-choice. A well chosen font can do much to improve the look, feel, and readability of your site. Why not improve your site with a font that suits your personal style?

Choosing Top Quality Fonts

Searching for a typeface that will effectively communicate your site’s […]

What if My Domain Name is Taken? (redirect)

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Having a unique and easy-to-discover (and remember) domain name is important. But what happens if your chosen domain is not available for purchase? In some cases it may even be smarter to change your artist name then to settle for a confusing or inferior domain name that can’t be found […]

Free Guide: Top Ten Website Optimizations You Should Do Right Now!

Creating an awesome website is a challenge in itself. (Luckily, HostBaby makes that part easy.) But once you have a website, it’s important to ensure that your site engages your audience and grows your traffic. You’d be surprised how many artists neglect some of the most important aspects of web optimization and configuration. That’s […]

How to Write Web Copy Your Fans Will Love

Stop Talking About Yourself So Much

Yes, I know. It’s your website, your project, your art. But focusing too much on yourself can hurt your website copy. And it’s not necessarily that writing about yourself is bad; it’s how you do it that makes all the difference. It’s common for us humans to focus on ourselves, and […]

10 Ways to Turn Your Website Into a Web Experience

Image via shutterstock

We often think of a website as just a few pages on the web, and back in 1999 that was a pretty accurate description. But in 2013, things are quite different. Today a website needs to be much more than a “page.”  Your website should be an experience. What do I mean by […]

8 Blog Posts About Optimizing Your Website

It’s a new year and the web is more important than ever. It’s time to make sure your website is doing everything possible to advance your goals and energize your career. When you optimize your website–you endeavor to create a better experience for your visitors. This can mean more fans, more sales, and more people […]

The Curious Vocabulary of Computer Geeks

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Wikepidia defines “geek” thusly: “The word geek is a slang term for odd or non-mainstream people, with different connotations ranging from “a computer expert or enthusiast” to “a person heavily interested in a hobby.”

But I would argue that being a geek is becoming more and more mainstream and less […]