5 quick tips to make the most of the holidays

Have you heard? The holidays are here!

Yes, it’s true. And it’s a great time to do a few easy things to make your site look festive, and maybe even help you gain some new fans and sell some music! Let’s get into it:

1. Holiday-ify your site – switching up colors on your HostBaby site is easy, so you can get in there and add some red and green touches, or whatever gets you in the mood.

2. Got a holiday song? Feature it front and center – There’s still time to record a holiday song and get it distributed, though make sure you keep your eye on CD Baby’s holiday deadlines. Got a new holiday song? Embed the video on the front page of your site or use a music player to embed your song or album. Got an old holiday song? Do the same thing! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the accompanying music is timeless.

3. Give your site visitors a holiday gift – This could be a limited-time free download of your latest single, a special price on your back catalog, or even a personal holiday greeting via a video message, wishing everyone the best. Strap on some antlers and get in the spirit!

4. Make a Spotify playlist – If you’ve got a holiday song, create a playlist featuring your track, followed by some of your other favorite Christmas-time music. People LOVE curated playlists, and they’re especially useful during these months when more gatherings take place than ever. Feature it up front on your site and make sure to let your fans and friends know about it.

5. Email your fans and friends – Last, but certainly not least. Even if you just send a general “Happy Holidays” email to your contacts, they’ll appreciate the gesture. But it’s also the perfect opportunity to let them know about any of the above things you’ve got going on your site, or to fill them in on your plans for the new year.

Got any holiday ideas of your own for making the most of the season? Let us know in the comments below!