If you’re using Moving Pictures but not using this feature, you should be!

I found myself on a great-looking HostBaby site the other day, the home of the Dirk Quinn Band. When you first land there, you can see they’re making perfect use of the Moving Pictures theme: with some great live footage of the band looping continuously, their site is dynamic without being overly busy, and really makes a solid first impression.

To add to this vibe, they’re also taking advantage of a widget option that is exclusive to Moving Pictures. In the bottom-right-hand corner of their site (also pictured above), they’ve got their social links, email list, and tour-date widgets rotating smoothly, catching the eye without distracting.

These widget choices reflect their priorities – gaining social-media followers, building their email list, and getting fans out to their shows – and they’re now able to include those actionable items across every page of their site in a cool, rhythmic way that goes hand-in-hand with the overall feel of the theme.

Are you using Moving Pictures and not taking advantage of this cool feature? Hook it up! Just select the widgets you’d like to have rotate through (you’re not limited to the ones mentioned here) and watch ’em add even more depth to your site.

Look like something you’d like to try but you’re using a different theme? Again, this is exclusive to Moving Pictures, so switch to that theme and give it a shot!

You can find even more info on HostBaby widgets here.

Are you using this feature currently, or did you just set it up and want to show it off? Hit us with links in the comments and we’ll check ’em out.