Are you missing out on sales because you’re making this mistake?

There are a handful of things to discuss here in regards to the above tweet:

First, Dave is using the word “purchase,” not “stream” or “listen to.” Dave seems to be the kind of fellow who enjoys supporting bands via buying their music (artists love guys like Dave!), but I’m not sure that even means vinyl or CDs. He could just be talking about downloads. Either way, he’s not saying he looked for a Spotify link and didn’t see it. He’s saying he was ready to BUY something and couldn’t. That’s not a good luck for a musician’s website.

Second, don’t forget about consumers like Dave! It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that streaming is king now, especially if you’re in a younger demographic where it seems like everyone just listens to music via Spotify, Apple Music, etc., but there are still a TON of people who prefer CDs, vinyl, and downloads. These items make you more money, and some of your fans know that, so they feel better buying a physical product from you or paying full price for a download. You should let them do this!

Third, even if you don’t have physical products, people should be able to download your music. Maybe you have a “listen” link on your site, and that’s great! But maybe you could consider changing it to “Listen/Purchase” or “Listen/Buy” or something else similar. Then you’ve got a great “try before you buy” setup that allows people to listen to your embedded music on your site and purchase directly from the links you provide on that same page.

Bottom line: missing out on a sale (and maybe a new fan!) by not being clear and deliberate on your site is easily preventable. Make your buy/purchase/download links prominent, so when someone’s in that space where they’re really excited about your new music, they can get what they want instead of getting frustrated. You’ll get some cash, they’ll get your music, and everybody’s happy.