Resizing images on your site

You’ve got options. Let’s make ’em quick and easy.

Resizing images to fit the needs of your site is something you’ll have to do occasionally, whether it’s a design choice, a file-size consideration, or maybe pushing a low-res image to its size limits. Whatever the reason, you’ll want to find a process that works for you. Once you’re comfortable with your resizing method of choice, it’ll become second nature.

But wait: Can’t I do all my image resizing from within my HostBaby account?

Absolutely, and instructions on how to do that are right here if you need them. Sometimes this will be your quickest option – just part of the flow of the work you’re putting in. And if that works for you, perfect!

But maybe you’re up against the size limits of your media library, or you plan on using this image in a number of different sizes, for promotional materials outside of your main site, and want to easily save those images to your computer. Or maybe you’re looking for a few more tools to play with. This is where the mighty PicResize comes in.

PicResize makes it easy to not only change the dimensions of your pics (by percentage or by custom size), but it also crops, rotates, flips, and can even add visual filters to your image a la Instagram or Photoshop. And once you get the hang of it, it’s real fast.

Need to resize multiple images? Check out their batch uploader. The cropping and special effects (filters, etc.) functions aren’t available in batch mode, but if you need to change up a bunch of pics real quick, this is the way to go.

Need it even faster? They’ve got a quick resize function, too.

Find the one that meets your needs and make sure to bookmark it for quick access down the road.

Got any other tips for image resizing? Let us know in the comments!