Your press photos: Variety is the key

We’ve talked before about having hi-res, quality photos on your site for use in the press, whether that be online or traditional. Now, let’s talk about variety in those photos, and how this can really help your chances of getting that pretty face of yours some media exposure.

This whole idea is something that didn’t occur to me until early in my own music career, when a local paper was doing a layout for their annual band directory, and wanted to feature my band in the photos section. Ideally, they were looking for a landscape-shot photo – wider than it is tall. (You know, like when you turn your phone sideways.) We didn’t have one. Never thought about it. We had a bunch of portrait-style photos and some square ones, but nothing more “widescreen.”

We knew somebody at the paper and they ended up patching a few photos together to serve their purpose, but if we hadn’t had that connection we would have been passed over, and even as it was, we ended up looking less professional than the artists surrounding us on those photo pages.

So, when you’re planning your photo shoot, make variety a priority! If your photographer doesn’t suggest it from the get-go, let them know that you’re looking to cover your bases, and want both portrait and landscape shots to use on your site, with some location/outfits/color-scheme variances worked in, as well.

Then, upload your sweet mix of hi-res photos to your site, knowing that you’re ready for any press coming your way.