Featuring your instruments on your site

Does your instrument tell a story? Well, really, they all do – but for our purposes, it’s a matter of whether that story is interesting or not.

I think we can agree that “It’s blue and I just bought it on sale at Guitar Center last week” is not very compelling.

However, how about: “It was my grandfather’s. He was a luthier and built it himself from a tree split by lightning in his boyhood backyard. He played it, my mother played it, and now it’s been passed down to me.” You might be onto something there.

It’s this kind of story that, for the right audience, can help you connect with fans on a musical level that’s not just about your songs – it’s about the tools you use to create them.

The provenance of an instrument, especially old ones, can be fascinating, even if you don’t know the whole story. Maybe there are some chunks missing in the narrative that you’re hoping to help fill with some assistance from fans, friends, and the internet. Maybe now, since the web is so dense with info, you were able to determine exactly how old your instrument is and it’s way older – or way newer – than you thought. Tell the story of your journey to finding out exactly where your instrument was born!

Maybe the instruments you and your band play are non-traditional: handmade, obscure, something you frankensteined together yourself – a piece of gear you wouldn’t normally see at a shop or a live gig. Describe how it is played, how it was built, or what inspired you to pick up an instrument that isn’t usually featured in “traditional” music.

Or, maybe you’re just a good-old-fashioned gearhead, and it’s not the instruments themselves that are especially rare or noteworthy, it’s the way in which you combine them that makes it interesting. Talk about your guitar, pre-amp, and speaker, but also tell us how many pedals are on your board, how you keep track of them, and how they work together to produce your signature sound. Not every reader is going to be all-on on some high-level gear talk, but the ones who are will love it.

Got other ideas about how you can feature your instruments on your site? Let us know in the comments. Already got an interesting story about your gear up on your HostBaby site? Add a link!