Adjust your site’s colors to match your latest release

If you’ve got a new album or single ready to release, you’re gonna want your site to look its best in anticipation of more visitors – especially those who have never been there before. Need some inspiration? Look no further than the artwork accompanying your project.

HostBaby makes it simple to change the overall look of your site, so adjusting your main colors to complement your new cover art can be a simple and fun way to give your site a fresh look, while also drawing big-time attention to your new music.

Some cover images or graphics might not be conducive to a simple matchy-matchy color scheme, but most will. Take the main color elements from your art, match ’em to the colors in your Site Builder, and find a great place front-and-center to feature your cover image. It’ll look great, frequent visitors will definitely take notice, and new visitors will see that you put time into thinking about this and are serious about your music.

If you plan to do a cover-art reveal for your new music, this can act as an aspect of it. Even if you reveal your imagery on one or more of your social networks, use it as an opportunity to direct followers to your site, where you’ve got a new look based on your new release, along with a song preview, show dates – whatever you’ve got!

Have you redesigned your site with your latest release in mind? Let us know how you did it, how it worked, and if it’s still live, share a link!