Setting goals for your music and using your site to accomplish them

We often talk about getting visitors on your site to take specific actions, and the importance of making clear exactly what you want them to do via your site design. Sometimes these can be ongoing projects like gathering emails via an eye-catching form on your site, or highlighting your tour dates front-and-center if you’re on the road.

But if you’re willing to get a bit more granular and pinpoint certain goals you’d like to meet for your music, you can use your site to take incremental steps forward, garnering small victories along the way to bigger successes.

“Grow my email list” is a solid goal, but it might be a little broad. Something like “I’d like to grow my email list by 300 names by the end of summer” is more immediate, gives you something specific to shoot for, and allows you an end date to assess what worked and what didn’t.

If the end of summer rolls around and you didn’t meet your goal, it’s time to dissect your strategy and determine what worked and what didn’t. Are you getting more email addresses on your merch-table sign-up sheets at gigs than you are via your site? Maybe that’ll motivate you to book more shows and mention your email sign-up sheet on the mic more, or maybe it’s letting you know that your email-capture method on your site isn’t as effective as it could be.

Then you can set another goal with your past results in mind, and adjust your objectives accordingly. Did you get 600 email addresses when you were shooting for 300? Harness what worked, push it harder, and try for 900 next time. Did you only get 100? Make adjustments to your game plan and see if you can top 150 new contacts.

Maybe you want to get 100 more views on your new video in the next week. Maybe you want people to vote for you in a “best local bands” survey. Maybe you want to book a house show for New Year’s Eve. Whatever it is, create a strategy for meeting that goal with your site and give it a shot! Find out what works, what doesn’t, and keep moving forward with your eyes on the prize.

Do you actively set goals for you and your music? Has it helped you? Let us know about your experiences in the comments.