Playing shows this summer? Plant your seeds now.

Got a tour lined up for this summer? Got a few gigs you’re playing this summer? Got ONE show you’re playing this summer? It’s never too early to tell your fans and friends to plan in advance for your upcoming performances in the summer months.

In the cold of February, people are longing for some warmth. You can’t change the weather (as far as we know…), but you can tell ’em to look ahead to July, when you’ll be playing that outdoor show on a Saturday afternoon. Yep, it’s a family-friendly gig, so they can mark it down on their calendar, plan to bring the kids, and look forward to some fun.

And speaking of calendars, make sure your calendar on your HostBaby site is up to date! People might be planning their summer fun well in advance, and you could fit right into that schedule.

Rolling through multiple cities on a summer tour? It’s definitely time to get the word out and let fans know you’ll be in their vicinity, and that they should bring some friends out to support. The longer lead time you allow, the more time people have to make those plans, get those tickets, and put some money away to buy your t-shirt before you ramble on to the next city.

Haven’t scheduled any summer gigs yet? There’s still time to lock ’em down and promote – it’s only February! Get some shows lined up, get ’em on your calendar page on your HostBaby site, and when you have promo posters, etc., as the gig approaches, feature those on the front page of your site, and it’ll make for a nice little build-up to the actual event.

Got any tips or stories about planning and promoting gigs well in advance? Let us know in the comments. Got gigs coming up this summer? Let us know what they are!