Using videos on your site to tell your story

We’ve talked before about your musician bio and how it should tell your story using the aspects of your career that fans, bookers, and journalists are apt to be most interested in. This can extend to your videos, too: in fact, sometimes it’s even more effective to show rather than tell.

While you can’t send a hard copy of a video to your target audience like you could a one-sheet bio, it’s still easy to make a well-done video a central part of your site, your YouTube page, and your general promotion push.

CD Baby artist Eleanor Dubinsky recently published a video as a “first glance” preview of her upcoming album, Soft Spot of My Heart, and it does a terrific job of telling the story of the origins of the music that will appear on the release. It also gives the viewer an up-close-and-personal look at Eleanor, her process, and her friends who helped her create the music, while at the same time building hype. Check it out:

Clearly a video like this takes some serious pre-planning, so it’s something to consider well in advance of an upcoming release. But creating a general bio vid about you and your music shouldn’t be as tough – if you’ve played live or been in the studio, did you take any pictures or video? Got any video of practices, songwriting sessions, or just goofing around? Use this footage to show who you are and how you got to where you’re at.

Take some quick phone videos of fans saying nice things about your music at your next show. Have a friend get some crowd shots and more “artsy” angles of your show. It doesn’t have to be fancy: phones take high-quality video now, and folks are more used to “on the fly” footage.

Put it all together in a short narrative (or have a more film-savvy friend help you edit), use one of your songs as the background, and add it to the top of your video page on your HostBaby site. You can also make it your intro video on your YouTube page, share it to your video tab on Facebook, and pin it to the top of your profile on Twitter.

Got a video like this you’d like to share or have any tips on how to get the most out of video on your site? Let us know in the comments!