Picking your domain name (when the one you want is taken)

Picking the right domain name (your web address) for your site is an important step in solidifying your online presence, but it can also be a stressful one, particularly if you can’t get “www.yourbandname.com.” This is a common problem for many artists, but there are plenty of solutions – some basic, some a little more creative.

Let’s look at some options, with the assumption that you tried to get “www.yourbandname.com” and it wasn’t available.

.net – Sometimes if the .com you want is not available, .net will be. That suffix has always played second fiddle to the mighty .com, so it might still have that “next-best-thing” air about it to some people, but that matters less and less these days, as most of the time people will be landing on your page via Google or a direct link.

.org – This suffix was originally intended for non-profit organizations, and though you might see it used for other purposes, that’s still the understood implication for an address ending in .org. Probably best to avoid this one.

.band or .rocks – These are relatively new, so you’ve got a decent chance of grabbing one. “.rocks” isn’t for everybody, and neither is “.band” (sorry, solo artists), but these are great options for certain musicians.

Other suffixes: Lots of countries have opened up their top-level domain suffixes to the public, allowing people to get creative with them. For example, “.am” is from Armenia, but AM radio stations have adopted it for their own use. Say your band name was Glam Slam: you could try and get www.glamsl.am. This is another way brands are using lesser-known suffixes in a fairly clever way.

Switching up the wording: Lots of artists just add “music” to the end of their band or artist name and grab the .com that way – this is really common, and an easy way to not only get a .com address, but also put “music” or “guitar” or “rocks” or “sings” at the end so people know what they’re in for!

We’ve discussed domain names before: Check out the following articles from our archives for even more tips, and please share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comments!

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