It’s the holidays! Give your site visitors a gift (and get something yourself)

3f9718b87c07baa610e9b881d708712eThe holidays are here! Now’s the perfect time to spread some goodwill and cheer – the kind that can make your fans happy and get you a little something in return.

Got a holiday song? Create a campaign around it and give the song away for free, but require that listeners enter their email address to access the track. They’ll get some great new holiday music and you’ll add contacts to your ever-important email list. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be a holiday song. Offer up a demo, a live track, or something else rare.

Got a YouTube channel? Film yourself performing a holiday classic, demoing a new tune, or just giving a spoken-word message to your family, friends, and fans. Within the video, add an easy “subscribe” link and encourage folks, while they’re there, to subscribe to your channel – as their holiday gift to you.

Got a HostBaby website? I bet you do. Definitely use it to direct people to these mini-campaigns, but you could also tap out a quick blog post or news entry saying what you’re thankful for from the past year and what you’re looking forward to over the next twelve months. Do fans and friends want to join you on this journey? Encourage them to join your email list, subscribe to your YouTube channel, subscribe to your artist page on Spotify, set alerts for your social postings, or share their own story of what they’re thankful for.

Everyone’s in a celebratory mood – let’s harness that spirit and increase engagement, grab new fans, and keep pushing on through to the new year!

Got any end-of-year tips for your fellow HostBabies? Let us know in the comments!