Describe your music on your site (before someone else does it for you)

cazWe’ve talked about your band bio on your site, and how it should clearly state who you are and what your story is, but we also need to talk about how you describe your music on your musician website. This is another opportunity to add a piece to your story and take control of your narrative.

Looking around at sites, I’m surprised by how many artists list their music, provide links to buy and samples to listen to (all good stuff!), but don’t put any words next to those titles and links to give any context. You want to make it easy for writers to write about you! Provide context. Provide salient details. Give the author something to start from (which just so happens to be your favorite parts of the music) and they’re much more likely to not only write about you, but also hit those key points that you’ve laid out for them.

If I’m a journalist (or blogger or podcaster or whatever) and I want to write about you, I’m probably gonna want to focus on your most recent release. Sure, I’ve got the music to listen to, but that doesn’t tell me how this release fits into your overall story, its origins, its trials and tribulations – any of the info that makes for a compelling reason to listen to and/or buy your music!

Use this opportunity to see how your music releases fit into your overall story, and let each release – as well as the words that accompany it – serve as a chapter in your book, whether it just started or we’re well into the plot. By taking this approach, you’re not only staying “on brand” and getting ahead of what’s written about you, you’re also lessening the risk of a writer barely listening to your music, making a snap judgment based on one song snippet, and completely fumbling on describing you and your music in a public forum.

Sure, they still might do that, but from my experience, they’re much more likely to start with what you give them and go from there. Make sure you give them that jumping-off point, and your music has a much better chance of being represented they way you intended.

Any thoughts or personal experiences with this one? Let us know in the comments!