Want to increase engagement? Post new content (at least) every week.


Fans want to stay connected to you, but they’re not going to spend their free time refreshing your site, hoping some new content pops up. (That’s what Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are for: a constant stream of stuff.)

But let’s say you have a blog on your musician website. And let’s say you commit to posting on that blog every Tuesday, you let your fans and followers know your plan, and you keep up with it. Visits to your site are gonna go up, along with engagement with your content. Plus, you’ll increase the visibility of the main focus of your site, whatever that may be at the moment: gigs, getting followers on your social networks, etc.

Why do you want to drive traffic to your site, instead of sticking to Facebook? Because social media, as ubiquitous and convenient as it is, is erratic in its dispersal, unreliable in its algorithms, and doesn’t always have your best interests in mind.

Your musician website is where ALL your content lives, giving visitors a purer picture of what you’re really all about, which can be very endearing to potential fans and buyers. And it’s this same sentiment that you can use to your advantage when updating your site on a regular basis: get personal, get weird โ€“ do what you do that make you you and know that it won’t just be breezing by in someone’s timeline!

Take a look at the site above. You can tell they’ve got a diverse mix of content – plenty for a new user to explore, and even more to come back to when they want to see the latest.

It doesn’t take much โ€“ a recent photo, some written thoughts about your songwriting process or a new track you’re working on, heck: introduce your fans to your dog. It’ll add to your story, add to the connection potential fans feel with you, and ultimately add to your fanbase.

What do you do to keep visitors engaged with your site? Let us know in the comments.

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