Add a downloadable press kit to your musician website

epk1If you want bloggers and journalists to write about your music, and if you want to impress talent buyers so you can play more gigs,  you need to make it easy for them to write about you or get a feel for your music by providing them with all the essentials.

A while back, we listed the 10 things that every musician website needs to have in order to make the job of talent buyers and editors a little easier. But there’s one other, simple thing you can do to increase your chances of getting written about or booked for the show.

Create a zip folder that includes:

* a one-sheet (PDF) or bio (Word doc)

* 2 or 3 high-res photos (at least 300 dpi) in both landscape and portrait orientations (because you never know what publication or website will need)

* any articles, reviews, press quotes, or press releases that might be useful to a journalist or blogger

Then you’ll want to upload the folder and make it easily downloadable from your “Press” page. This way, the person checking out your music can access the press information without having to come back to your website (or when offline).

If you’ve created your website using HostBaby’s sitebuilder tool, here’s how to make your .zip file easily downloadable:

1) upload the .zip file to your media library — files tab

2) click to edit the page where you’d like visitors to be able to download the .zip file

3) add some text, such as “Download a .zip file of my electronic press kit”

4) select that text and click “add file”

5) choose your .zip file and save your changes

6) BAM!

Quick Tips:

1. Be creative with your photos. Avoid cliché settings. Try to capture what makes you unique.

2. Keep your bio or one-sheet brief. Include only the most important facts and make sure it tells a story. Journalists love good stories.

3. Watch this quick video on creating a band or artist one-sheet.

How have you made it easier to access the important information on your website? Let us know in the comments below.