I’m looking for your “listen” link – where is it?

listenhbSomeone just told me about your band. They’re sure I’ll like your music a lot. I trust this person so I’m gonna give it a shot! But, just so you know, it’s 2017 and I’m not looking to spend more than about 45 seconds searching around for your music.

I’ve got my phone in my hand, my earbuds in, and I’m googling you. I land on your site. I’m looking for the “listen” link. I see “media” – is that it? No, that’s pictures and art. Your “music” link just takes me to a page with iTunes links which lead to clipped samples. C’mon, not even a Spotify button? I guess I’ll settle for your video page and just click the one at the top. Is this your newest one? It doesn’t say.

The internet is full of distractions, and thus, it’s being navigated by people with constantly decreasing attention spans. Yes, it’s a bummer, but it’s the way it is. If you’re expecting people to work overtime to find your music, let alone spend additional time figuring out which of your songs to listen to, you’re probably expecting too much.

People are looking for a “listen” link. Poking around in HostBaby sites, I see people are also using “audio” as a link name (this is a HostBaby default), and even “music” – and that’s cool, too, as long as when people hit that link they’re able to press a button and hear your music within a few seconds after that. How you make that happen is up to you – use HostBaby’s audio pages for easy streaming and downloading, or embed videos or audio from other sites.

You’re in control, so make sure your music is accessible and you’re putting your best foot forward. If you have ONE song you want prospective fans to hear, which is it? Place it front and center on your Listen/Audio/Music page and make that decision for them. It’ll earn you new fans, keep ’em engaged, and lead to more listens down the road.

How do you handle your music on your site? Do you make it quick and easy for new fans to hear what you’re about? Let us know your tips in the comments.


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23 comments to I’m looking for your “listen” link – where is it?

  • Where do I buy a “Listen” button? ARe you selling them?

  • I looked at the site and there is a heading entitled audio sample.
    If you click it brings you to the CD baby website.

  • Glad to see I’m doing it right! I did actually change the name of the link from “audio” to “listen” after getting some feedback from visitors to my website (particularly folks from other countries). Same with “buy” (from “purchase” I think, that time after feedback from a fan who happened also to work in search engine optimization:)
    Yay HostBaby!

  • Last time I checked there’s a link that says “music”. Wouldn’t most (all) people click on that?
    Mark of Going Some Place

  • So, how can I add the listen
    Button on my website?

  • What’s a “listen link”? How’s it installed?

  • Sho” you’re right! The only link still standing is at CDBABY and when you go to http://www.zairejazz.com and click on the Links tab you will find all of the links that are supposed to show where you can hear and buy my music. However, this goes back to 2001 and I have not listed any new music since then. I am using the webmail thru this site and nothing more. As you can see I am still available thru this service, so direct interested parties here or handle them yourself if you wish. I found 4 clips available to hear and this is a new computer for me so they are not on my hard drive, but they are available on CDBABY, my original home distributor.


  • rol Auguste

    Thank you for every thing that you are doing for me. I will be forever grateful about your help. At this juncture, I am really in need of some help in marketing my music, contact me at any time.

  • I would really love my music to start playing when someone clicks on my site automatically when they click on my page my music starts playing how can it be done help please thank you

  • Great idea…the listen link. I will update this when I find time. that’s the problem with aging musicians. when you don’t navigate the website often it becomes very frustrating knowing how to maintain it.

  • Yes actually I do go check out gt500online.com tell me what you think !!

  • I think that I have provided what you inquired about. The music player was already embeded on my Bio page under my picture, perhaps it is too far down, not sure.
    At any rate I have created a tab with a link to the CD song clips.

  • Thanks for your advice. I agree about making it easy for listeners. My site was crowded and I’m working to improve the layout. The bio is now in ABOUT and I made LISTEN the home page. This page had subpages not all linked to CDBaby so I replaced these with my best performing albums in the past year.

  • I’m looking for it, too! I’d LOVE to have 1 link to CDBABY listing All of MY Albums, Singles and such, And have the Listening thingy no way Now to get one?

  • How do I add this “Link”


  • I don’t know anything about running websites. I did however build this one through host baby. I have a band but no team. I will try and implement the listen button. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • Where do I find the “listen” link?
    Don’t see it in Audio Player or Widgets
    Currently using SoundCloud to play songs, through “MUSIC” in the menu bar at top.

    Bill Jones

  • Jef

    Although a good thought…I don’t believe it actually showed how to make an audio page…?? that is the info I was looking for.

  • your listen links give me great music. I love your music and your sense of music is too awesome https://harrypottermusicbox.com/ keep updating with your music it gives a great pleasure while listening to your music.

  • Thanks for this. I just put the Audio player in my footer using the widget tool. Now when people go to my home page, they see my latest video for my latest single (Canadian Woman) and right under the video is the headline “Hear Canadian Woman Now!!”
    Easy! Smart!

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