Don’t feel obligated to link to your social networks if you’re not using them

HBBBBNot keeping up with your Twitter account? Don’t link to it!

Social networks can be tough to stay on top of. Musicians today might feel obligated to be active on every popular social network, which can often lead to account creation (with the best of intentions), a short period where you engage with the platform regularly, a longer period where you engage with it sporadically, and then eventual complete abandonment. Got tumbleweeds rolling through your Twitter account? That actually looks worse than not having one at all.

So, really, you’ve got a couple options:

  1. Stay on top of your social networks and really encourage people to follow you on all of them via your website. If you keep up with it, this can, obviously, be a great way to engage with listeners and potential fans on a daily basis, holding their interest while you’re in between new releases. Make a plan to keep your socials fresh by picking a day, a time – whatever – that you’ll post updates. Or just become one of those people who’s able to click out quick posts as you go through your day. People aren’t expecting groundbreaking stuff every time, you know.
  2. Only link to your active social accounts and delete any that are gathering dust. This is totally OK! You don’t have to have a Twitter account. Some people like the constant stream it provides; for others it’s just too much to maintain. There are thousands of Twitter handles out there that are “active,” but haven’t tweeted in years. This is not a good look. Got a social account that’s suffering from neglect? Remember that it’s showing up in search results and visitors are going to assume you’ve got nothing going on. So, either stay on it or get rid of it.

HostBaby makes it easy to include your Twitter and Instagram feeds on your site, and we also provide simple social buttons to use as links on your site. But just because they’re there doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. Link to the sites you’re current with – that way, when someone clicks on your social links, they’ll get additional content, not a ghost town.

Got any thoughts on this subject or tips that can help? Let us know in the comments.

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5 comments to Don’t feel obligated to link to your social networks if you’re not using them

  • Brad,

    Thank you very much for the wise advice !


  • Hi I have read your comments about social networking. I have not created any, maybe I should have but I am dyslexic and it really can be a headache for my self with all the Pallava you have to go through.I am not a blogger either, I am song writer, not an i,t, expert, it seems being just a song writer is not good enough anymore you have to have networking skills and so on, but I have not got those skills so I have to try and find other avenues of approach, a promoter would be good but they are too expensive, what I do need to do is get onto the Spotify verified play list if you can help with that? pandora is good but they say they are not in the UK yet so I cannot use them.maybe you have some ideas of your own, thanks john.

  • rol Auguste

    Yes!! you are so right but i can do all on my own.

  • I totally agree. I’ve been ‘preaching’ these tidbits ever since I started THE INTERNET PUBLICIST ™ work in 2006 on ReverbNation, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and a host of other social media and music outlets, some which don’t exist anymore. Once they ‘grab ya’ to stay on their sites, musicians (amateur and professional alike) feel obligated to create Fan pages, add fans, photos, Bios, videos and Mp3’s, network profusely, then those same networks creep in later and ask $$$ from these Artists in order to release to them more e-mails, post ads, upgrade their profiles, that they originally didn’t charge them for! Now that they got seduced/caught up in the glitz and glamor of it all, they get hooked and feel obligated to enhance their ‘profiles’ because they are afraid to lose that public image and contacts/fan base. Those social media networks DON’T want us to leave, they want us to stay there indefinitely, so as to make MONEY from us, understandably so. That leaves much less time for fans & contacts to visit their Official Websites and/or NOT MAKING THEM FEEL IT’S NECESSARY TO CREATE A REAL WEBSITE, thus, musicians use those social media networks/outlets AS IF they are ‘Official Sites’. I believe that they don’t have the money or don’t want to spend it on a REAL website “.com, .net., etc.”, so the easy way to get their music to the world is via places like Facebook that offer almost all the same benefits of a TRUE website, except that their music gets lost in that shuffle very quickly if they also don’t show HUGE numbers at their Fan pages and social media sites. I understand that everyone needs to make a living and it costs money to make money, but really, these starving and emerging artists are being gouged.

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