You want visitors to take action. Make it easy!

martyHBWhat do you want people to do when they land on your HostBaby site?

You may have multiple answers to this question (download a track, sign up for your email list, follow you on social networks), but you should have ONE answer, one goal that supersedes all the others, and it should be clear upon landing at your site.

If you give visitors a little guidance, they might just take some action. Give ’em no direction, or nothing to draw the eye? They might just wander around your site and leave without doing anything. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that – it’s cool they’re checking you out! But wouldn’t it be better if you got some interaction?

Check out the pic of Marty Haggard’s HostBaby site above. He’s got a welcome message for visitors to read upon entering, along with a bright, clear link to his upcoming shows. Plus, he’s got his gigs listed in his sidebar, as well. Think Marty wants you to check him out live? I bet he does, and he’s doing a great job of making that his focus.

Of course, he’s also got his social icon links and his mailing list signup form, as well as all his useful links lining the top of the page. Not looking for Marty’s live shows? Take any other action you want!  But he’s excited about his live shows, he wants you there, and it’s very clear to a first-time or returning visitor.

Of course, this is just one example. What have you done on your site to get visitors to take action? Let us know in the comments!