Summer’s almost here – get your gigs on your calendar!

HBCalendarGot some high-profile gigs coming up? Got some low-profile gigs coming up? Got a clear calendar you’d like to fill? The summer’s fast approaching, and eagle-eyed music-loving pre-planners will be looking to schedule their weekends, months in advance.

Make it easy for ’em! Get all your upcoming gigs (no matter how big or small) listed on your calendar page on your HostBaby site. Got some empty space on there you’d like to fill? Don’t be afraid to put “available for gigs in The Great NW” (or whatever) on your open dates – you never know who’s looking for an opening act, private-party accompaniment, or a headliner to fill in and save the show when you least expect it.

Feeling like everybody’s gig calendar is bursting at the seams while yours is a barren landscape, devoid of any upcoming action? Trust us: you’re not alone. The good news? Now is a great time to look forward and secure some shows for summer, and maybe even fall.

Put a bill together. Does your local venue have a show booked for that quiet Thursday after 4th of July? Well, you’ve got a ready-made night in the bag, and you’ll bring it all.

Mention in your next email newsletter that you’re available for shows, BBQs, weddings, – whatever you’re comfortable with. Get that calendar filled up and you might be surprised: once you get the ball rolling, other opportunities present themselves, and that ball just keeps on going.

Here’s to getting some great gigs this summer! Got any tips for managing your calendar or scoring summer shows? Share your tips in the comments.

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