Make sure your website links to your music on Spotify

Spotify_logo_horizontal_blackWe’ve talked before about making it easy for fans to find what they’re looking for within seconds of viewing your website, and this tip is along those same lines: Potential fans will be looking for a link to your music on Spotify when they hit your site, and you need to make sure it’s there!

Spotify is fast becoming the go-to platform for quick and casual listening online. If your music’s not there, it should be! If it’s isn’t, you’re missing out on new fans, getting your music on playlists (which can be HUGE), the easy cross-platform shareability that Spotify provides (allowing your music to easily reach more people), and many other functions that modern music listeners have come to expect. Plus, if you’re not on Spotify in the year 2017, it can delegitimize your image as a “serious musician” in the eyes of the listening public.

Your website should be your hub, the place where all your links live, and adding a Spotify link to your HostBaby site is simple. In fact, it works just like the social links you’ve probably already added to your site. Check out this article in the HostBaby Help Center for step-by-step instructions, and you’ll be linking to Spotify in minutes!

Want to take it a step further and add a direct-follow link, one that allows fans to follow you on Spotify, right from your site? This is a tiny bit more advanced, but still fairly easy to pull off. Here’s an article direct from Spotify on how to do it.

Check out Abbie Gardner’s HostBaby site to see one in action!

Any other ways you’re using Spotify via your website to grab new fans? Let us know in the comments!

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