Your 5 most important calls-to-action: every musician website should have at least 3 of ‘em

Tips-For-Creating-A-Legitimate-Call-To-ActionEven if you have the best designed, most streamlined website in the world, you still need to TELL your fans what you want them to do when they’re there.

That’s where a good “call-to-action” comes in. A call-to-action (or CTA) is any element on your website — text, banner, button, etc. — that asks visitors to take some specific and immediate action before they leave the page they’re on.

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But what should you be asking your fans to do?

Every musician website should have at least 3 of these CTAs:

(These should all be phrased in your own words, of course.)

  1. Subscribe to my email newsletter — Don’t believe the haters. Email is still the most reliable and direct way to reach your diehard fans and encourage them to continue supporting your music. Get their contact info!
  2. Follow me on Spotify — We now firmly exist in a streaming world. Because they’ve had a few years headstart, Spotify is still king. So get your fans to follow you on that platform. When they do, they’ll get updates whenever you post new songs, your music can appear in their Discover Weekly playlist, and more.
  3. Purchase my… [t-shirts, Cds, vinyl, downloads, etc.] — What are you focusing on selling right now? What’s new? What’s hot? What are you trying to get rid of at a discount? Sell it! And make the case for why a purchase, as opposed to a stream, helps you go further in your career.
  4. Find me on… [your preferred social media platform] — Give a shoutout to your primary social outlet and ask your fans to subscribe, like, or follow.
  5. Go the extra mile — There’s bonus $$$ to be earned beyond sales, streams, licensing, and ticket sales. Ask your fans to get involved by pre-ordering your album on PledgeMusic, contributing to your Kickstarter campaign, supporting you on Patreon, putting a tip in the digital tip jar, etc. (And be sure to make a strong case for what’s in it for THEM).

What is your website’s most prominent call-to-action? Did we forget something that’s even more important? Holler in the comments below.