Updating your existing theme to a mobile-friendly website is easier than you think

Mobile-friendly website theme

Because high tech shouldn’t mean high maintenance

Depending on the country you live in, as much as 30-70% of your visitors could be looking at your website on a mobile device.

Is your site design responsive, or mobile-friendly? Are you taking advantage of all the latest tools HostBaby has to offer?

If you’ve been using HostBaby for a few years, you might not have seen our latest mobile-friendly website templates.

Think it’s time to update your website? Check out our new high-tech themes and make the switch.

It’s simple:

HostBaby responsive website themes

1) Log into your HostBaby account

2) Click “Select Theme” in the left-hand sidebar

3) Check “responsive” under the “Additional Filters” section

4) Then sort by “newest first”


You’ll see a bunch of great looking themes, including:

* Filter โ€” this theme generates unique effects from your chosen image, turns it into background art, and gives your site a more cohesive feel. Musician website theme: Filter

* Record Release โ€” with a minimalist design, this theme puts the focus on seeing, hearing, and purchasing your latest album or single.

Website theme for musicians: Record Release

* Backdrop Slideshow โ€” no mysteries here; this theme gives you simple ways to create a backdrop and slideshow to showcase great images of your band.

Backdrop theme: Musician Websites

* and more, such as…


HostBaby website themes


website themes for musicians

If you’ve already built a website using HostBaby’s Theme Editor, updating to a new theme is simple. All your previous content (pictures, audio, blog posts, etc.) will be saved and used to populate your “new” website. Then you can make any additional design tweaks from there.

Get started with a new HostBaby theme today!