5 ways to add your music to a HostBaby website

HostBaby Audio PlayerYou’re a musician. Music is kinda like… your thing. So you want to make sure your songs can be easily heard on your website, right?

Here are five ways to let fans hear your music when they visit your website:

1. Use HostBaby’s built-in audio player

The HostBaby audio player can be easily added to any HostBaby website. Choose your favorite design and create an audio playlist. The share feature makes it easy for your fans to share your tracks on Facebook. Best of all, the audio player is designed to work seamlessly on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

HostBaby product page/music store2. Use HostBaby’s Audio page to add albums that people can listen to and purchase

Let your web visitors hear a bit of your music, and then entice them to purchase. You can easily add PayPal buy buttons, or simply offer links to iTunes, Amazon, or any other online retailer where your music and merch is available for sale.

3. Add a CD Baby music player

If you sell music with CD Baby, you can create a custom music player with simple purchase options. The CD Baby Music Player is free for CD Baby artists; it comes in 4 responsive designs; and it uses CDBaby.com to process sales. So all you have to do is add your player, and get paid weekly.

I recommend adding this player to your homepage (so visitors can listen right away) or as a widget that displays across all pages.

CD Baby music player4. Embed a CD Baby Music Store

One of CD Baby’s Music Player options is a customizable music store where you can sell CDs, vinyl, and downloads all from a single place on your website. It’s easily embeddable!

If you use the CD Baby Music Store to populate a page on your website (“Store,” “Products,” “Purchase,” etc.), I still recommending putting a music player on your homepage just to make sure you’re capturing people’s attention right as they enter your site.

5. Check out audio player widgets from 3rd parties such as Soundcloud or Bandcamp

There are a lot of audio players out there. We always recommend using a HostBaby or CD Baby player since they’re easily integrated with your product pages on cdbaby.com (where you make the most money from sales), but if another player suits your needs, use it!

Which audio player do you use? Let us know in the comments below.