Introducing the new FILTER theme from HostBaby!

HostBaby's new FILTER theme

We’re excited to launch a brand new website theme for musicians: FILTER!

With FILTER you can upload a band photo or album cover, and the theme will automatically abstract the image into a background that will give your website a super interesting vibe.

With a single photo, you can give your website both a dynamic AND consistent feel. FILTER gives you a simple way to integrate your design and imagery.

Want to try out the FILTER theme for your website? Here’s how:

1. Log into your HostBaby dashboard.

2. Go to the “Choose Theme” section and select “FILTER.”

3. Click “View Site,” which will also open the editor in the top right corner.

4. Add a banner image, and try out the various filters to find the best one for your website.

If you create a website using our new FILTER theme, we’d love to see it. Please share your band’s website address in the comments below.