Make your website social-media friendly

Social Media IconsWeb optimization 101: socialize your website today

We’re now a decade into the age of social media. Social media is how people use the Internet. If your website isn’t social, you could be losing out on loads of traffic. The bare minimum you should have on your website are “follow” buttons so that people can find you on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and “share” buttons so people can share your content on their favorite social networks.

Adding Follow buttons

Whether you use HTML to add your buttons or use a free service like, social media icons are a great way to get your website visitors to engage with you on social media. But remember: people have become accustomed to seeing those generic Facebook and Twitter icons. Make sure to choose icons that stand out and include a call to action.

Instead of saying “follow me on Twitter” or “follow me on Facebook” Why not get more specific?

For example:

“Follow me on Twitter and get updates and special offers”or “Follow me on Facebook to get all the tantalizing details about my life on the road.”

Adding Share buttons

Not to toot our own horn, but when you build a website using one of HostBaby’s many themes, you’ll have share buttons built in. Alternatively, ShareThis and AddThis are both free services that make adding share buttons to your website easy.