Optimize your website’s images for search

Optimizing web imagesWhile many website owners worry about how discoverable they are in traditional search engine results, there are many additional ways to be discovered online. Google Image Search (and other image-based search engines) can be a valuable source of traffic. Best of all, Image search is not as competitive as traditional search results so you have a better chance of ranking well.

Optimizing your images for search is easy to do

There are three ways to describe your image for Google:

1. File Name

2. Title Tag

3. Alt. Tag

File Name

Before you upload your image, make sure to name your image using dashes between each word and choose descriptive keywords.

ex: limbo-dance-contest.jpg

Title Tag

When you upload or insert an image into a blog post or page you will be given the option to title your image. I recommend using a slightly different conjugation then you used in the file name.

ex: Limbo contest winner

Alt. Tag

The alt tag is an opportunity to describe your image for the sight-impaired. Google Image Search also uses these, so be sure to enter something descriptive for your alt tag.

Ex: Person doing limbo


Note: it can take a little while for Google to index all your images once you have optimized them.