14 kinds of band photos you can share with your fans

Display Instagram photos on your websiteHostBaby just created an easy way for you to display your Instagram pics on your band website’s photo gallery.

[For more details, check out “How to display your Instagram photos on your website.]

This got me wondering about all the different kinds of photos bands are sharing with their fans (on Instagram, and elsewhere).

Pictures are super important online (obviously!). They convey a ton of information and feeling in a tiny amount of time. And when someone loves your music, they want to see it all:

1. shots of you performing live

2. press photos

3. pictures of you during soundcheck, or of the marquee before the show

4. album covers

5. concert posters

6. “gear porn” (photos of your instruments and recording equipment)

7. scenes from tour (a sunset, a favorite food cart, etc.)

8. behind the scenes shots (of your band during a late-night writing session, shooting a music video, at your practice space, etc.)

9. fan photos (both ones you take of them, and ones they take of you)

10. photos of your band recording

11. new merch items

12. eating Taco Bell in the tour van

13. licking the envelope for your press packages

14. in-studio shots during an interview at a radio station

You get the point. ANYTHING that is related to your music-making endeavors, get it on camera! You don’t always have to post it online, but at least you’ll have options. Go through the camera roll on your phone and if there’s anything that looks interesting, fun, mysterious, or crazy — share it!

And now, when you publish a photo on Instagram, it’ll automatically appear on your HostBaby website.

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