5 tips for simplifying your website’s navigation

Sticks Downey NavigationPeople get stressed when faced with too many options, and my guess is you don’t want to stress out your website visitors. I know I don’t.

Crowded or confusing navigation creates a bad user experience and discourages return visits. If you have more than six primary navigational links on your page, try cutting it back.

Also, use easily recognizable menu items. Being clever can confuse your not-so-clever visitors. Thus, “Store” is better than “Joe’s eShop” and “Contact” is better than “Holla at me.”

Quick tips for making a simpler nav for your website:

1. The fewer clicks it takes for a site visitor to get to where they are trying to go, the better.

2. Get rid of pages that nobody visits. You can use your website analytics to weed out your low-traffic pages.

3. Group similar pages under a single navigation item (i.e. drop down menu).

4. Combine similar pages into a single page.

5. Consider which pages are most important to both you and your visitors, and make sure those are featured in your primary navigation.

How do you organize your navigation? Let us know in the comments below.