5 things your fans want to see on your website

5 things your band website MUST haveWe’ve written many times about website essentials for musicians. More often than not, though, those articles have focused on what’s essential for YOU, the artist, in order to turn web visits into sales, subscribes, and shares: things like email capture widgets, clear calls-to-action, a music store, etc.

But web traffic is more than just a stat; it’s people!!! And people expect to find what they’re looking for when they visit your website.

So what ARE your fans looking for from your band website? 

1. Your best music — Don’t make people have to work for it, or hunt around on other music sites, or guess at what tracks are your “hit singles.” There should be an obvious music player on your site that streams a handful of your best songs. Oh, and shut the auto-play function OFF!

2. Your best videos — You might have a hundred videos in your YouTube channel. Again, don’t make your fans guess which ones they should watch. Embed two or three of your best videos on your website.

3. Your story — There are many ways to tell your band’s story: photos, blogs, biographical info on your ‘About’ page, etc. Whatever it is and however you tell, fans should get a sense of your band’s story without having to do much clicking around.

4. Your tour dates — Believe it or not, lots of bands don’t put their concert dates on their own websites. I guess they figure that a listing in ArtistData or SongKick is enough. It’s not. If you want people to show up for your gigs, don’t make it a mystery as to where and when you’re playing.

5. Your most important news — What’s the most newsworthy event from your last six months? What’s the most exciting thing that will be happening in your music career over the next three months? That’s what we want to see, and preferably on the homepage.


As a fan, what do YOU want to see when you visit your favorite bands’ websites? Let us know in the comments below.

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