Artists! Take photos with your website in mind

website photographyThe art of website photography

Often the secret recipe for an awesome artist website is a perfect background or banner photo. But most photos aren’t really suited for the purpose of being a website backdrop. Most photos have a lot going on in them: dozens of colors, patterns, textures, animals, people, etc. These things can be distracting from your website content. And trying to crop, stretch, or photoshop a photo so it works with your website is a lot of work that may-or-may-not turn out very well.

That’s why it’s important to start taking photos with your website in mind. Start composing with your eyes before you hit the shutter button. Or if you’re not taking the photo, let your photographer know that you need  pictures that leave lots of room for website content. Explain exactly what you need. When taking website photos, think about where your band name or logo is going to be. Think about where your content is going to be positioned. And think about what colors are going to work best with your website. Then start taking photos that accommodate your website needs.

Here are ten tips for taking photos with your website in mind:

1. Don’t be afraid of head room

If you need a background shot for your website, sometimes keeping your content low and using the sky or a wall to fill up the shot is just the trick. That way you’ll have plenty of room to overlay text and other content.

2. Keep people off-center

If you’re planning on overlaying words or other content over a photo, putting a person or persons smack in the middle of the photo is going to make your job difficult. Try keeping your subject(s) on the left or right side of your photo when you take it. It helps if the person is standing in front of a wall or some scenery that is not too distracting.

3. Scout for color

What colors do you want to use on your website? Pick a photo shoot location that has color that inspires you. And be wary of too many colors. Yes, you can use photo editing software to adjust colors, but in most cases, your photo will look better and you’ll save yourself work, if you capture reduce the number of colors to begin with.

4. Take lots of pictures

Try as many different compositions as you can. Take lots of photos so you’ll lots of options for your website.

5. Re-imagine your borders

If you’re shooting for a banner on your website, chances are you’re going to be cropping-out 30-70% of your photo. When you’re taking a picture for a banner imagine the shape that you are going to crop while your taking pictures and ignore everything else.

Do you have any tips for taking website photos? Let us know in the comments below!