Make your online photos work overtime

How to repurpose your online images“Repurpose” is a bit of a business-y term, but when it comes to the pictures you post online, repurposing can be your best friend — especially if don’t have time to generate more lengthy web content (such as when you’re on tour, in the middle of a creative project, or indisposed).

I bet you’re already in the habit of taking photos and posting them on Facebook and/or Instagram, right? That’s great, but you should be using your best photos in other places on the web too.

Here’s how to make a picture worth more than just a thousand words

1. A good picture can make a great blog post

Often the easiest kind of blog post to publish consists of a single image with just a few sentences of context below it. Luckily for you, intrepid content creator, your fans will love these picture posts. They’re easy to digest and easy to share.

If you’re using a HostBaby or WordPress theme, you can easily upload your photo into the post. If you want to repurpose an image you’ve already shared on Instagram (but have since deleted from your smartphone’s memory), you can either install a WordPress plugin on your site that lets you share Instagram photos simply by pasting the URL into the body of the blog post, or take a good old fashioned screenshot.

Be sure to make your description below the photo more than just a copy of the caption you wrote for Facebook and/or Instagram. Expound upon it. Get crazy. Draw us in. Give us the bonus content. That way, when you share this blog post with your social media followers, they won’t think,”Ripoff; I already saw this photo!”

2. Add pictures to your photo gallery, slideshow, or Instagram widget

Enrich your fans’ experience when they visit your site by keeping your pictures updated. Every month or so, go back over your photo stream and see if any of the pics are worth adding to your official website photo display. You want to reward repeat visitors with fresh content, not condition them to expect the same stale stuff.

3. Use different photos in each of your email newsletters

While we’re on the subject of reusing your images in several ways online, why not put a few recent snapshots into your latest email newsletter? Sure, your diehard followers may’ve already seen these pictures on Facebook, on Instagram, in your photo gallery, and in a blog post… but guess what: web photos aren’t all that different from pop songs; you might have to see them a four or five times before they grab your full attention.

Plus, changing out your photos in your emails will give your subscribers something to look forward to with each newsletter.


Hopefully these tips will help you repurpose your photos online to generate more frequent (and more engaging) blog posts, social media updates, and email newsletters.

Let us know how you repurposes your online content in the comments section below.

[Droste Effect image from Shutterstock.]