Can all your web marketing efforts fit inside this matryoshka doll?

Web marketing A friend of mine went on a business trip to Abu Dhabi a few weeks ago. I told him to get me a souvenir. What did he bring me? A set of Russian nesting dolls (or the UAE equivalent). Umm, naturally!

I thanked him, arranged them on my mantlepiece, and immediately thought about… web marketing.

You see, I’ve felt a little scattered lately: website upkeep, blogging, tending to social media, composing email newsletters, etc. 

It’s easy to just go into auto-pilot with some of these web responsibilities. It’s easy to forget how all the pieces relate to one another and how they build on one another. It’s easy to lose sight of how any one particular activity furthers the overall goal. In short: I was finding it difficult to determine where I should be spending my limited time.

Would it be better for me to compile some Instagram photos into a blog post, or to send out an email newsletter? Should I create a new header for my next Facebook event, or should I upload some video from my last show?

I’ve found it helpful over the past few days to think of web marketing as that Russian nesting doll, where one piece must fit inside another.

* The outer shell is your overall goal, to sustain or grow your career as an artist.

* The next shell, if you’re still trying to establish yourself, is probably to build your email list (since email is still the most effective way to get your fans to take action).

* The next shell might be something like driving traffic to your website (since your own website is the most likely place online where fans will give you their email address).

* The next shell…

You get the point: think about how the marketing action you’re considering fits within the overall structure. 

Now in reality, if you were to make a visual representation of all your online marketing efforts, it’d probably look more like this:

Tree structure graph

But it’s easier to remember the cute little nesting doll, isn’t it?

Whenever you start a project online, or write a blog post, or share a photo from Instagram — ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this, and is this action going to help me achieve my goals?” Does this shell fit inside the next one? If not, you might want to invest your precious time into a different activity that WILL further your goal.

What are your tricks to keeping your online marketing efforts focused? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image of doll from Shutterstock.]