10 email subject line ideas for your next newsletter

email subject line ideasThe most important part of any email newsletter are the first five words of the subject line–because that’s about all people will see when they check their email on their phone. And if you haven’t heard, over 50% of all email gets opened on a phone.

Why is the subject line so important? The subject line is what compels someone to read or delete your email. In my estimation, you should probably spend as much time (or more) working on the subject line as the body of the email itself. But before you start complaining that it sounds like too much work, here are some subject line ideas that will cut down down the work and increase your open rates:

1. Mystery

If you want to make a headline irresistible, add a bit of mystery. (You’ll notice I try to add a bit of mystery to almost every headline)

“You’re going to freak when you see this”
“You won’t believe this when you hear it”

2. Questions

The question is a tried and true technique:

“Have you heard this new single?”
“Can I share something with you?”

3. Missing out

People hate to miss out on things.

“Don’t miss the concert of the year!”
“You’ll regret not seeing this.”

4. Ego

People are always tempted by things that will make their lives better.

“You won’t believe how great you’ll feel after you read this”
“All your friends will be jealous . . .”

5. Fear

Perhaps not appropriate for every newsletter subject line, fear is a motivating factor.

“You could be making some bad decisions”
“You’re gonna hate yourself if you miss this”

6. Gratitude

People feel obligates when you’ve done something nice for them.

“I made this just for you . . .”
“Here’s a present. I hope you like it.”

7. Personalized

Use the “name variable” in your email marketing program to insert the recipients name.

“John, you’ll like this . . .”
“Sarah, I almost forgot to show you this”

8. Drama

Drama is what really makes all the best headlines. You’ve got to set up something dramatic that only be resolved by opening the email.

“You won’t believe what happened at last nights show!”
“The recording was going well, until this happened”

9. Casual

Casual subject lines are usually not capitalized and seem more like a personal email.

“oh John, I almost forgot . . .”
“was this the song you were looking for?”

10. Unlikely combinations

Create intrigue by combining unlikely elements.

“Today: Songs about pudding and car repair”
“Find out what cartoon rabbits and our band have in common”

Do you have any suggestions for writing email subject lines? What’s worked well for you? Let us know in the comments below!