10 blog article ideas for bands

blog-ideas-for-musicians1. Write about a song

Every song has a story, right? Tell the story of how one of your songs came to be. What was the impetus? A chord? A lyric? A breakup? Too much cough medicine? Talk about your creative process. Tell the creation story of your song.

2. Tell a road story

You know that one time, when you were in the van with your bandmates and it was like 2 in the morning and . . . [fill in the blank].

If you’ve ever been on tour, you definitely have some road stories. In fact you’ve probably already told your road stories dozens of times to friends and acquaintances. Now all you have to do is put one down on “paper” and publish it on your blog.

3. Ask for content from your fans

Your fans are one of the best source of content for your blog. Ask your fans to take pictures and videos at your performances and submit them to your blog. Or ask them to tell a story about what your music means to them. Hold a contest where your fans submit remixes or covers of your music. The possibilities are endless. And the amount of work you’ll have to do is minimal. Just remember to make it fun and worthwhile for people to participate. Don’t assign 600 word essays unless the payoff is really good :)

4. Post a series of photos from your last show

Upload the best pics from your last show. Write a few sentences about each photo. Let your audience in on things they might not have picked up on at a performance: Yes, your drummer had a few too many. No, that weird dance was not on purpose. Yes, the singer got an electric shock from the mic.

5. Create a quick video

No editing needed. Grab your smartphone and play a few tunes in your bedroom or on the porch. Upload the video to your blog. Done!

If you’d rather not write an entire blog post, you can even just sit down in front of the camera and tell an amusing story. Your fans will love it.

6. Post a song in progress

Record a demo of your latest song and post it on your blog. Remember: don’t polish it; just put it out there. Ask your fans for their opinion. Your fans will like that you really value their input, and you might just get some good advice that could make your song even better.

7. Post a list of things you love or hate

Love potatoes? Hate coleslaw? Love the Simpsons? Hate Family Guy? Your fans want to know what you’re about. Creating a list of things you love and/or hate is a quick and easy way to share what you’re about and invite conversation.

8. Write about a news item you feel passionate about

Global warming? War? Equal rights? Celebrity Gossip? What issues and events are important to you? Chances are your fans share some of your views and are interested in these things too. Just because you’re a musician doesn’t mean you can’t share non-music-related things.

9. Share a list of your favorite music

What music moves you? What records are getting you excited right now? Musicians are great tastemakers. What music can you share with your fans that they may never have heard? Your readers will truly appreciate getting turned onto new music.

10. Share “behind the scenes” content

There’s always a mystique about what a band or musician is like offstage, backstage, and at home. Use a phone or camera to document a band field trip, a conversation in the tour van, an argument–anything natural and unrehearsed that reveals a bit about who you are and what you’re like when stage lights have come up and the crowds gone home.

Do you have any blog post ideas to share? Let us know in the comments below!