Website Design Trends in 2014

website design trends 2014Web design is changing so fast it’s hard to keep up. Recent advancements in web development have given designers many more avenues to explore and experiments to conduct. In addition, the overwhelming adoption of mobile and tablet devices are rapidly changing our web design expectations. On top of that, faster internet speeds are allowing websites to use larger images and videos like never before. All this together has culminated a new web aesthetic that has taken the web by storm. So what are the design elements of this new aesthetic?

Here’s the design trends we’re seeing  in 2014:

Responsive design
A responsive website is designed to look great on any screen size. With the seeming infinite varieties of screen sizes out there. Responsive design is quickly becoming a web design standard.

Flat design
Remember web 2.0 design? It was very 3-D. Everything was shiny and reflective and popped off the page. It wasn’t subtle. Flat design is a reaction to those extravagant drop shadows and bubble like buttons of the mid-2000s. Flat design is flat. No frills. Drop-shadows are often omitted or extremely subtle. Flat design relies on color, space, and composition.

Big photo backgrounds
Now that most the world has graduated from the days of dial-up internet, it’s possible to use big beautiful photos on your website. As you surf the web you’ll see many high profile websites now use large responsive banners and backgrounds that give sites depth. A mixture of flat design and photos with depth are often a killer combo.

Translucent panels or backgrounds make it easier to read text that’s been superimposed over a photo. You’ll see many translucent panels overlaying photos on many popular websites in 2014. Translucence is also a large part of Apple’s most recent iOS.

Websites are no longer afraid to scroll. Now that tablets and phones have taken over, everybody is scrolling. So long pages with lots of content are becoming the norm.

Custom social media icons
Designers have learned that you don’t have to settle on the same versions of social media icons that everybody else uses. Sites like make it easy for website owners to find designer social media buttons for their websites.

Animated Gifs
Animated gifs are a surprisingly simple technology and have been around since the dawn of the internet, so it’s surprising that their popularity is growing rather than waining. New techniques for animating still photos as Gifs has become even more popular in 2014. See examples here.

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