Sample clips are SO 2008

Why you shouldn't use sample clipsWhy you should never stream sample clips of audio on your own website 

One of my favorite bands released a new record a few months ago, and when they were going through the tease/preview phase of their album-release push, I was roped in by promises of a sneak-peek of some new tracks. What I got was a bunch of 30-second snippets which, after what they were, I couldn’t click away from fast enough. However, they also released a full, streamable version of the lead single, which I listened to repeatedly because it was genuinely getting me excited for the upcoming release.

You wanna know why I hate sample clips of songs? Because it’s 2014 and I don’t feel like I should have to live like this anymore. I’m today’s modern music fan and if you don’t let me listen to a full song – not download, mind you, just listen – I’m not going to listen at all. I understand that with retail sites like iTunes (and CD Baby, for that matter) there are restrictions that only allow for sample clips. But on your site? Gimme the full track or gimme nothing at all.

I’m not going to put your sample clip on repeat while I’m at work with my headphones on, but I’d definitely stream your full song, and I’d definitely do that more than once if I liked it. And when I listen to something I like more than once, I usually like it even more, and then I’ll want to hear what else you’ve got, and then I’m hooked.

Do you disagree with this? Do you feel like 30-second clips are more effective because they don’t give the whole thing away? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

[Image of play button from Shutterstock.]