Introducing the new slideshow theme from HostBaby

Backdrop Slideshow by HostBabyWith Backdrop Slideshow, your background photos transform with beautiful fades

The new Backdrop Slideshow website theme is now available in all HostBaby accounts. This theme is completely customizable with the added bonus of setting background photos that act as a slideshow behind your content. Each photo fades into the next creating a seamless experience your fans will love. You can upload up to 4 images and change them out anytime you like. You can also change the speed that the photos change and the length of the fade.

The Slideshow Effect

The example below is an animated gif, so it’s a little jerky and doesn’t give you the full resolution or experience of what it’s like to see this template in action. But it should give you a sense of what’s possible. Just a few large background photos will make your site come alive.

HostBaby slideshow


 Try out Backdrop Slideshow Today

1. Log into your Site Builder account at www.[your domain].com/dashboard

2. Click “Select Theme” in the left-hand nav-bar

3. Select and activate Backdrop Slideshow

4. Click “View Site

5. From the Theme Editor choose “Banner” in order to upload the photos you want to use for your background and set the slide times.

6. Click “Save

That’s it! If you have any questions about using Backdrop Slideshow or any other HostBaby website themes. Shoot us an email at hostbaby at

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