10+ spectacular tools for color palette inspiration

ColorsPicking the color scheme for your website is a big decision: you’ve got to consider how it will work with any current logos or branding, how you might want to coordinate it with future projects, and how it will impact the overall feel and vibe of your site.

With HostBaby, switching up the colors for the different elements of your site is easy, so you’re free to experiment in real-time to your heart’s content, but what if you’re having trouble deciding on an overall theme, or need some inspiration when it comes to finding colors that complement each other?

Check out Marianne Manthey’s recent article on some tools you can use to not only get inspired to try new things, but also blend colors, pull palettes from images, and learn a ton about how web color works.

What are your tricks for choosing a great color palette for your website? Let us know in the comments section below.