The worst band website in the world gets a makeover

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The Lazer and the Beams website was a digital mess of scrolling text, clashing colors, animated gifs, mismatched fonts, and tiled photos. It’s even been referred to as the Worst Band Website in the World by a local Seattle news source.

“They’re not kidding either. It’s really bad,” admitted Lazer (AKA Sally Turner of Lazer and the Beams).

Lazer and the Beams have been rocking the Northwest for almost 10 years. Sadly, their website has been around even longer. Lazer claims her 15-year-old cousin built the site back in the “dial-up days” of the early 2000s. Then Lazer herself learned just enough HTML to keep it going.

“Over the years, the site has become more and more of a disaster,” said Lazer. “What can I say? I’m a good singer and a horrible web programmer. I wish I could record the looks on people’s faces when they first see it.”

In January of 2013, Lazer and the Beams started building a new website with HostBaby, but their old website is still available for those brave enough to click the link below.

Prepare yourself . . .

Click here to see it: The Worst Band Website in the World

“Originally, we were just happy to have a website,” said Lazer.

“It was kinda fun to have such a wild site, but when we started hearing about it from bookers and promoters—and not in a good way—we knew it was time for a change. ”

“We shopped around,” said Johnny Starbuck, bassist for the Beams. “But we couldn’t afford the $3-5,000 price tag that the local web design guys wanted. HostBaby was super easy and cheap, and it looks freaking fantastic. We can also finally manage our email list and send out decent newsletters. It’s perfect for us.”

“We love our new site,” said Lazer. “It’s so much easier to update, and add concert dates and videos. We’re really excited.”

The New Site

lazer and the beams new website

First impressions are made online

Lazer and the Beams learned the hard way that a professional web presence is vital to succeed in today’s music business. The first thing a booker, promoter, or label executive does when they hear about a new band is look it up online. An outdated site can hurt your prospects, and a social media profile alone is not going to impress anyone. That’s why HostBaby exists: To help artists like you take your career to the next level.

Join Lazer and the Beams today, and create a website that works for you—not against you.

It only takes a few minutes to choose a design and launch your new band website. Try it for yourself (cancel anytime).

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(All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.)