How using Google Images can cost you $8,000

Google imagesDo you use images on your website? Of course you do.

Do you only use images that you personally took, created, or explicitly have the rights to use?

Yes? Good call.

No, or not sure? You may want to keep reading.

Google images is the go-to spot for pics on the internet, and we all know how easy it is to create a search, find what you’re looking for, drag it to your desktop, and use it. The whole process is so easy, it makes it feel like you’re allowed to just take what you need and reuse or repurpose it to fit your needs. The thing is, you’re not.

PR Daily learned that the hard way last year. Check out this article to see what happened to them, and to see how you can avoid something like this happening to you!

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[jpg image  — used with permission — from Shutterstock.]