Are your Facebook posts irrelevant?

Why targeting your Facebook posts is a MUST

If you manage a Facebook page with a national or global following, one of the quickest ways to KILL your fan engagement is to send out posts without using Facebook’s targeting tool. We’ve talked about this before in “How to Geo-Target Your Facebook Posts,” but I wanted to share the advice again as Facebook continues to limit the number of fans that see your non-promoted posts (the posts you DON’T pay for) in their News Feeds.

More than ever before, it’s crucial that every one of your posts is relevant and engaging. The more relevant and engaging your content, the more likely your fans are to like and share it — thus increasing the chances that they’ll see your future updates too.

In the video above, Tod Maffin demonstrates how to target your posts so they’re sent to particular demographics based on location, age, sex, education, relationship status, interests, etc.

For instance, he writes a post that will only be relevant to folks that live in the Toronto area, even though his Facebook page has fans from all over Canada. But if he simply hits “post,” many thousands of those followers outside of Toronto will just ignore the post — and that is TERRIBLE for his Facebook engagement score. Instead, he geo-targets the post so it only gets sent to the portion of his followers that live in Toronto and a few of its surrounding towns.

Targeting your Facebook posts is easy and helps ensure the most relevant content is shown to the appropriate fans; everyone wins! Check out the video above and try it for yourself.