3 warning signs you’re having an affair with someone else’s website

3 warning signs you're having an emotional fair with someone else's websiteWhen your website was brand new, everything was roses. The internet was your oyster. You could stay up blogging until sunrise and then write another post the very next day.

But now it’s just the same-old same-old. Your website feels stagnant, stale, and — even worse — your online attentions have drifted elsewhere. Towards Website X! Sure, maybe it’s a harmless crush. Or maybe it’s something more.

How can you tell if your admiration for Website X has crossed the line into full-blown infatuation?

1. You spend all your time online checking out Website X’s content

You read all the articles, scroll through all the photo galleries, listen to all the clips, and marvel at the feel and functionality. What colors! What impact! What clever calls-to-action! And responsive design too! Everything about Website X shines with an aura of perfection.

2. You stopped updating your own site months ago

Websites require careful (and constant) maintenance. They’re like gardens, or cats, or… relationships. And yet you’ve been ignoring yours. You stopped sharing your original content with friends on social media. What about a thirty-minute New Year’s makeover for your website? Didn’t even cross your mind.

3. Your desires are all over the place

One minute you want to abandon your site and hire Website X’s design team instead. The next, you want to quit looking at Website X and concentrate on updating your own site (it’s been so loyal, after all) but you just… can’t… stop… clicking.

Every day you consider leaving this website game altogether and just setting up shop on Twitter. A toxic cocktail of jealousy and shame begins to inform your every web decision. You ask the tech-savvy people in your life for their advice under the guise of “So I have this friend…” 


 OK, you’re having some serious website envy. What can you do about it?

* Rededicate yourself to your website. Try that 30-minute makeover you hadn’t thought about because you’d been all gaga over Website X. Make a habit of blogging again, and see if some of that old magic returns. Maybe you need positive feedback from the outside to feel a sense of validation; if so, show off your website by sharing content on social media and asking for comments.

* Get real. Website X can’t meet all your needs. It was built for someone else. Plus, every web property eventually needs upkeep, refreshes, or all-out redesigns. Maybe when you work hard on your own website again, you’ll ask yourself “What did I ever see in Website X?”

* Seek professional help. If you’ve tried — unsuccessfully — to deal with your website woes, maybe it’s time to bring in the experts at HostBaby. We’ll help you create a professional website in minutes with great features and beautifully designed, customizable themes. Try HostBaby free for 30 days!

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