Introducing 3 New Website Themes

New HostBaby themes!We’re excited to announce that we’ve added 3 new responsive design templates —otherwise known as ‘themes.’ Newspaper, Reboot, and Rift Stone are all now available in your Site Builder account. These themes look great, are highly customizable, and use responsive design for optimum viewing on tablets and smartphones.

Reboot Theme

The reboot theme is the first template we’ve designed that uses multi-color adaptive widgets. Widgets stack neatly under your content in bright colors and adjust to the size of your content. Be sure to check it out.

Newspaper Theme

Remember newspapers? Give your website the look and feel of a daily rag with our vintage newspaper theme. It looks and reads great on tablets :)

Rift Stone Theme

This is a variation of one of our most popular themes: Wide Stone Flex. This theme contains all the greatness of  Wide Stone Flex (including responsive design for mobile viewing) but comes with a top positioned nav bar and a new color scheme and background image.

Remember, your current theme and any design changes you’ve made are automatically saved–so you can always go back to your original design.

Here’s how to try out a new theme:

 1. Log into your Site Builder account at (Insert your domain name in place of “Your-Website“)

2. Select Themes

3. Select the theme you want to try out

4. Once you’ve changed you’re theme, you can use the Theme Editor to adjust fonts, colors, banners, and more.

We’re really excited about everything we have coming-up in 2014! Stay tuned for more new features and more awesome themes!