HostBaby’s top 10 articles of 2013

Top 10 HostBaby articles from 2013The best web tips for artists

The year doesn’t really “wind down,” does it? It ramps up and spits us full-speed into the New Year (at least that’s what happens to me).

But maybe this year you can find a few quiet moments before 2014 arrives — to spend on the things you never feel like you have enough time to do: read trashy magazines, write manifestos, hang out with family, run naked in the snow, catch up on Breaking Bad, finish mixing your album, or invest in your online marketing efforts.

No matter what your ambitions are for the holiday season, we wish you the best. But just in case you want to tackle that last item on the list above, here are…

The top 10 most popular HostBaby articles from 2013

1. How to write a website bio that rocks

2. You might be a spammer if… (3 warning signs you’re wasting your fans’ time)

3. Boost sales by using better calls-to-action on your website

4. Five things to remember before you hit “send”

5. Five ways to stay motivated in your creative career

6. How to geo-target your Facebook posts

7. The worst mistakes you’re making in your artist bio

8. Overhaul your website in just 5 minutes a day

9. How to use email to drive traffic to your website

10. Does your website reflect where you are in your career?

And two more for good measure:

* How to make sure a potential fan never comes back to your website

* Ten ways to improve your website by creating a web experience

Well, there they are — the top 10 HostBaby articles from 2013. If you need help building a web presence, improving your email marketing efforts, driving traffic to your site, or making the most of social media, check out these articles and more from the HostBaby Blog.

Happy holidays and have a great 2014!

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