A simple recipe for creating a special holiday video greeting for your fans

Your fans and followers have supported you all year — sharing your content, attending your shows, buying your merchandise. Now it’s time to show them, with a simple holiday video, that you appreciate their support. And luckily you don’t need a big budget or expensive equipment to deliver this important message.


iPHoliday video greetinghone or Android
Holiday cheer
Gratitude for your loyal fans
A song to sing, poem to read, or message to share
A quiet room or outdoor setting to shoot the video
One fan, friend, or family member to assist with camera
A YouTube account
Social media profiles, blog, and email newsletter

Ok. Ready to begin?


Allow one hour for preparation. One hour to cook. One hour to serve.

First — come up with an idea that excites you. Maybe you’ve written a new holiday song, or worked out the chords for an old Christmas favorite. Maybe you just really want to get on camera and say “thank you” from the bottom of your heart. Maybe you want to announce that everyone on your email list will receive a free MP3 as a Christmas present. Whatever your idea — script it out in your mind (and on paper, if need be), and think of a good festive place to shoot the video (in front of a Christmas tree or outside on a snowy day).

Second — film it on your smartphone! Remember, it’s a holiday greeting, NOT the next James Cameron film. Your video can look and feel “home-made.” In fact, that may seem more genuine. Funny and clever are good, but relaxed and honest are best. Also, don’t get bogged down in something that requires a bunch of editing; you’ll lose steam and the video will stay “in the cutting room” forever. Better to have a simple idea that can be done all in one shot.

Thirdly — upload it to YouTube, give it a good descriptive title, add any necessary annotations (maybe something about where fans can buy your music) and publish it.

Lastly — embed the video on your website. Remember, your website is where your fans can interact with you, sample your tunes, and buy your music for holiday gifts. Use your new holiday video to get people to visit your website. You can share the link to your video in your newsletter and on social media. Your fans will love it and hopefully share it as well.


There you go: your simple holiday video greeting, served up in under 3 hours. I hope your fans get a kick out of it.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s a good example (on the simpler DIY side of things) from my friends Tim & Jim:

And here’s a far more elaborate production from Lady Antebellum:

A video from CD Baby’s own Kevin Breuner and the Smalltown Poets.

Have you recorded a holiday greeting for your fans? If so, I’d love to see it. Feel free to leave a YouTube in the comments section below.

[Rockin’ Santa image from Shutterstock.]