How to make a habit of updating your blog

How to update your blog on a regular scheduleA simple time-management tip for bloggers

I have a site, for my music, that I update with new content every week. I’ve updated my website every week for the past 250 weeks, missing only a small handful of weeks due to vacations, holidays, etc.

A few months ago a friend asked me how I keep up with it. This is what I told him: I picked a day.

I picked a day of the week that was traditionally my most “free” day, and I decided that would be the day I updated my site. Every week. And I stuck to it. I actually changed the day once, a few years back, but I still had a specific day that served as my weekly deadline. And if something came up, like being out of town for work or having a show to play/attend that day, I’d do it the day before, morning of (instead of at night, when I usually updated), or well in advance and schedule a blog post to publish on my particular day.

Harnessing the power of habitual website visitors

I initially came up with this approach because I knew that if I set a schedule for myself, I was more likely to stick with it. Tuesday nights became the night I updated my site. Whether it was with new music, a blog post, pictures of a project I recently worked on, or something funny I’d found on the web – I made sure it happened. And I made sure it was worthwhile – or at least entertaining – content; stuff that people might have comments or questions about. You know, standard stuff for getting people to interact with your site.

Here’s what I didn’t anticipate: My fans and readers got on my schedule, too.

They knew that every Wednesday morning there would be something new on my site. Once, due to an unforeseen circumstance, I didn’t update the site and wasn’t able to provide an explanation of why I didn’t. (If I knew I was going to miss a week, I’d mention it the week before so people knew not to expect anything.) I got comments from readers – “Where are you?” “Something’s missing from my Wednesday morning!”

This was awesome! I mean, sure, they were complaining, but it was because I had become part of their mid-week routine and not only did they miss my update, they missed it enough to say something about it. This let me know that I was really connecting with these people – I had become part of their week!

I know a musician’s schedule is never set and this might not be the most convenient method for some, but if you find a way to get yourself into a routine, you might find that fans will, too, and it sure is nice to see a consistent spike of traffic on what will soon become your – and hopefully your fans’ – favorite day of the week.

Have you tried this method or something similar? Let us know in the comments!

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