What Are Your Website Pet Peeves?

petpeeveFrom ultimately-inconsequential-but-nevertheless-annoying nuances that mildly irk, to ridiculous “features” that drive ostensibly sane people to throw their hands up and vow never to return, websites have the strange power to drive us nuts.

Maybe it’s because you can’t find what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s because this “thing” keeps popping up AND IT JUST WON’T STOP. Maybe you had your headphones on and a quick burst of auto-play audio shattered your eardrums and now you’re in the fetal position, crying on the floor.

Maybe this is your website. Let’s hope not. In fact, let’s make sure it’s not, or at least won’t be anymore.

It’s time for you to sound off. What are the things you’ve seen, heard, or experienced on websites that have bugged you, annoyed you, caused you to fly into a vicious rage, or left you with no choice but to run over your laptop with a car?

We want to know, and, if you’re feeling like a problem solver, we’d also like to know what you think a good alternative would be, if there is one. Please leave your comments below.

Let’s make sure your websites aren’t the ones people are screaming about! Unless the screams are of pure, unbridled joy.

[Computer madness image from Shutterstock.]