What Are Your Website Pet Peeves?

petpeeveFrom ultimately-inconsequential-but-nevertheless-annoying nuances that mildly irk, to ridiculous “features” that drive ostensibly sane people to throw their hands up and vow never to return, websites have the strange power to drive us nuts.

Maybe it’s because you can’t find what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s because this “thing” keeps popping up AND IT JUST WON’T STOP. Maybe you had your headphones on and a quick burst of auto-play audio shattered your eardrums and now you’re in the fetal position, crying on the floor.

Maybe this is your website. Let’s hope not. In fact, let’s make sure it’s not, or at least won’t be anymore.

It’s time for you to sound off. What are the things you’ve seen, heard, or experienced on websites that have bugged you, annoyed you, caused you to fly into a vicious rage, or left you with no choice but to run over your laptop with a car?

We want to know, and, if you’re feeling like a problem solver, we’d also like to know what you think a good alternative would be, if there is one. Please leave your comments below.

Let’s make sure your websites aren’t the ones people are screaming about! Unless the screams are of pure, unbridled joy.

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33 comments to What Are Your Website Pet Peeves?

  • Jon Swenson

    I’m not a fan of large blocks of white text on a black background. It’s hard to read.

  • Highland Way

    Thanks for the input. I’ll maybe have to revisit my color scheme.

  • Ron

    It drives me crazy that we can not send attachments (mp3 files, jpgs, etc) in List Baby

  • Highland Way

    I’m not a big fan of music automatically playing the minute you enter a site, no matter how much I like the music.

  • Highland Way

    That’s a good point.

  • Alex Tan Sing

    I tried contacting you guys re making a sitemap in .xml format to make the site google friendly but no one reaponded so far, what happened to the responsiveness???

  • Joe Michael Kulbago

    I maintain a blog and there is no way to collapse old posts and categorize them by prior months. Sent an email about a month ago and the response indicated changes were coming. Still on? Also, posting entries to the blog is difficult. Selecting / re-selecting the title has problems.

  • Hans

    I think Weebly is the best hosting platform right now because it is super easy to design and configure. It looks clean and is very easy to maintain. Hostbaby is a bit complicated in he area of adding images to a site. Really, can’t that be made easier? Also, the template is too rigid, compared to Weebly which just looks better…

  • Lani Ford

    I honestly have been very unhappy with listbaby. I have been trying to send out my newsletter for 2 days now. It keeps saying it’s sending or scheduled but nothing happens. I tend to have to resend it every time.

  • Andrea Gerak

    True. And blocks of red, yellow, blue, purple… text on black background is not easier either.

  • Andrea Gerak

    Why don’t you just link to the stuff in the letter?
    Even if you want to send your list an exclusive thing, like a gift or something that is not published on your site, you can still link to the file.
    You just upload something once and you can link to it anytime you want to – it makes YOUR work much easier, haven’t you tried that?

  • Ron

    Problem is (or has been) if i want to link, say, to a song on the Music page of my site, i have been unable to do so because there’s no URL extension – so i have to say go to the web address and then go to the Music page – it’s too many steps

  • Jon

    I requested the same thing about old posts in May 2012 and got the same response.

    EDIT: Actually the first time was January 2012, didn’t check far enough back in my email archive.

  • Hi Alex. We are on the phones right now if you’d like to give us a ring. 1-888-448-6369
    We should respond to every email within 24 hours. Sorry if there was a mix up.

  • Hi Ron, there are unique URLs for every page on your site. If you are using our older model of the music player–your URLs may be obscured because of the way the music player works in an iframe. You can turn that off temporarily, to get the URLs.

    Also, you can upload files to your file bank and link to those files in your email.

    Most email marketing services will not allow attachments in mass emails because of spam email, bandwidth, and virus concerns. Sending attachments also increases the chance your email will get marked as spam and never get delivered. So it’s best for us and our customers to avoid it.

    Chris @ HostBaby

  • Give us a ring Lani. We can help! 1-888-448-6369

  • Ron

    thank you. i’m using the old /hostbaby2 wizard templates. when i go to a separate page at my site, it just shows my domain name url, not a unique url for that page. Maybe I’ll call in and have you guys walk me through this – thanks.

  • Michael

    There should be a way to delete an entire TAG from your email list in ListBaby. So if I have a 100 contacts with the same tag like “Campaign 1”, I should be able to delete “Campaign 1” from them, all at once.

  • You bet. Give us a ring. We can totally help you out with that. :)

  • Michael

    You need to improve on ListBaby in regard to sending out newsletters. It is rare that it works smoothly. I usually have to ask for help and then it is sent out. It is very annoying when I am trying to get it to my contact list on a certain day and time.

  • Nicole Chaplain-Pearman

    The two things I don’t like are pop ups and text/background colour combinations that are hard to read. More importantly I absolutely can’t stand a site that’s difficult to navigate or hard to get out of once you get into it. A site that’s not user friendly will send me running faster than anything!

  • Michael

    When are you going to fix the push to my facebook page from my blog page? It hasn’t worked since July 2012!!!

  • Michael

    I have had the same problem.

  • Admittedly, we have a long list of customer improvement requests. And not everyone’s concerns get addressed right away. But we also have a lot of improvements, and new features on the way–fixes & features based on solid customer feedback. It’s a constant cycle. We do plan to add new capabilities to our blog feature soon, but we must prioritize and make sure our small team of developers are working on the moving all of our features forward at an acceptable pace.

  • Give us a ring if you would like some help with these things. 1-888-448-6369

  • Billy Grisack

    I HATE not being able to find good contact info especially PHONE NUMBERS, a REAL email address (not a contact form). If you make music for $$$ you are in a business, businesses have PHONES etc. If I want something from an artist or other business and I can’t call or email directly I move on to the next person that has that kind of info. Anyone else feel that way?

  • Never use flash. An “awesome” flash website takes forever to load and cannot be displayed correctly on different devices. People need information (biographies, music/movie files, news, etc.), not a time-wasting website. In addition, search engines can’t read flash websites.

    Do not use black/dark green backgrounds with white/grey fonts; they are almost impossible to read. And do not use too small fonts (avoid using fonts smaller than 9 pixels).

    Auto-play audio is unexpected, disruptive and rude. If you don’t respect your visitors, they won’t respect you either; they will never come back to your website.

    Do not hide your contact info. Do not make your visitors feel like Alice In Wonderland. Have both a Contact Form (to help your visitors contact you much quicker) and an e-mail address (some people do not like contact forms).

    Do not use social sharing buttons that do not take your visitors to your official MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/etc. page. Nobody wants to share your “About” or “News” page on MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/etc. They just want to know your official MySpace/Facebook/Twitter/etc. page, maybe because they want to “follow” you there.

    Do not use pop-up ads. They are effective at boosting click-through rates, but people hate them. Using pop-up ads tells your visitors that you don’t care about their online experience.

    And the list goes on and on…

  • Noah Peterson

    Please post contact info somewhere obvious: email, phone, address with zip.

  • Noah Peterson

    me too :(

  • Dechen Hawk

    I have my website on hosted by hostbaby and use one of the templates provided. Over all I like the service and am happy with it. I don’t like that I can’t have a music player without having to have the music page you provide, which looks aesthetically terrible and archaic. I also don’t like that the CD Baby store widget doesn’t work on people’s phones.

  • illy

    Great discussion here. If not using flash, what is the best way to load video to the site? My player seems to be invisible until the pointer finds it but I’d like it always present. Can’t seem to make it hold the setting with flash or other video platforms. Any suggestions here? Thank you.

  • YouTube is always a great solution because you get double the exposure. Vimeo as well. Both services make it easy to embed video on your site.

  • illy

    Awesome. Giving that a try. Thank you :)

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