Do I Need to Have a “.com” Web Address?

Your Own .com15 years ago, it was relatively simple to get the domain name you wanted. Now it seems like they’re all either in-use or some jerk is squatting on it, hoping to squeeze an exorbitant fee out of you. So, when you’re trying to acquire the perfect web address, there’s a good chance you’ll find that is taken, and you’ll find yourself moving on to Plan B. And that’s when things go from simple to complicated.

What if is taken, but is available? The .net domain has traditionally been lauded as the next-best-thing to the .com, but let’s be honest: .com is the one that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue. How many major sites can you think of that use the .net suffix exclusively?

Out of the top 1,000,000 websites globally, only 56,148 use the .net suffix (, and if you looked at the list of those that do, I bet you wouldn’t recognize most of them. In my opinion, you’re always going to be better off going with a .com address.

Here are some options when is taken:







Yeah, it’s not going to be as succinct and simple as your original idea, but it won’t be far off.

Of course, you do have other options, even beyond the .net domain, but here’s where things get even less memorable.

The .org domain was created to be used by non-profit entities, and though it still functions as such, it’s no longer as exclusive to those organizations as it used to be. But, the idea probably still pops into people’s minds when they hear it (I know it does for me), and you don’t want people thinking your band is a foundation of some sort.

There’s also .biz and .info, but again, those are going to paint a certain picture in people’s minds when they see them, and it’s not going to be of music, art, or anything of the like. .biz sounds like you want their money, and .info sounds like you want to hook them up with tourism tidbits or something equally boring.

What about the country codes? Well, here’s one thing I will say for country-code domains: you can have some fun with them. If your name was A-Plus you could get the domain Advantage: it’s a cool way to incorporate the suffix into a word. Disadvantage: No one’s ever going to remember it.

Here’s what I hear you saying: “Why does it even matter? No one types URLs into their browser anymore. They just Google stuff.” This is true. But you’re going to be slapping this address all over any and all of your promotional materials, and you don’t want it to be goofy looking. Also, if your band name is common enough that the matching domain is taken, people might be wading through the knee-deep waters of Google already in an effort to find your official site. Give them a URL to remember and they’ll know exactly where to go.

And you probably don’t want to make them try and remember if it’s a .com or not. They’ll assume it is, and that’s what they’ll go looking for.

Do you have any thoughts on this? Do you think a .net is just as good as a .com? Let us know why in the comments.

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